Monday, September 29, 2008

You know you are a new yarn store owner when...

There I was, cashing out the register on Sunday afternoon, writing up my deposit slip with the date (9/28/08) when I realized.... the next day (today, 9/29/08) was my mom's birthday. That's when I realized it. A mere 10 hours before. What could be worse than remembering your mom's birthday only 10 hours before? I'll tell you... having spent the entire weekend leading up to it with her and not doing anything to celebrate because you DIDN'T REMEMBER!

My mom was lucky enough to be there when I sharply inhaled (the minute I realized) and then burst into tears because I felt selfishly self-absorbed with my new business. She was very gracious and said she hadn't even realized her birthday was coming up and that she had had a great time with me this weekend and we didn't need to do anything special. We even went dutch for dinner. AND she bought some yarn and a book at the store. All of which I could have treated her to because of her birthday. I had even thought of a great gift for her a long time ago and was so excited about it. AND I would have made her a cake.

Having your own business takes over your life. I knew this going in, thought I was fairly prepared for it, tried to roll with the punches when I forgot minor things, tried to readjust and get more organized so I wouldn't forget things in the future. But this really takes the (birthday) cake. No matter how organized I thought I was getting, and getting the hang of it, this made me realize I've got some more work to do. Thanks, Mom, for being so great about it.

Meanwhile, we really did have a nice weekend. My mom came and knitted at the store and chatted with everyone who came in. We went to the great Indian restaurant, Tandoor Palace, which we love. (We left Paul at home since he was cramming to finish putting his car together for a race in Maryland this weekend.) And we knit and watched tv at home.

The cabled hat class finished up on Sunday and here are the results:

The hats came out great!

Look at this GREAT new flag I bought for the store!:

Thanks to Diane Stoddard for showing me this gem - I had to have it!

In knitting news, I started a top down cardigan with Kathmandu Aran. Love, love, love this yarn. I also started working on the third Great American Aran Afghan block, which I hope to have done and in the store by Wednesday. And I realized I have to start thinking about what I can realistically make for Christmas presents! Am I crazy to think I can actually do that?

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SewCrazyDogLady said...

You're a new store? I just found your site while searching for "spinning groups". I'm in Albany, just took a spinning lessong "elsewhere" but was looking for someplace closer...I have a small business of my own, and yes it can be time consuming...