Thursday, August 21, 2008

1/10th of the way there...

I am 7 inches into my 70 inch project for the Knitting Olympics, with three days to go. Hm. While it's not looking good that I'll finish, the project itself IS looking good:

You can't see the beads in this picture, but they are there, here and there.
It's not over till it's over - you never know, I may have a bout of insomnia and stay up from now until the flame goes out and finish it. Did I mention there was a prize for a lucky finisher? It's a secret, but it's good!

While I was downloading pictures from my camera, I came across some old pictures... Anyone want to see where we lived in Vermont? Here are some pictures of our place and, more importantly what I miss the most about living there, our view:

See the big red barn in back? That's the "garage" where Paul worked on his cars. It's bigger than the house. We had to tear down all the horse stalls and clean out all the cow stuff. Ew.

That's the Presidential Range.

Somewhere over there, maybe it's behind the house, we could see the very tip of Mt. Washington. Can you imagine autumn? It was beautiful.

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