Sunday, August 31, 2008

New yarn example...

I started knitting the mitered square scarf for a class that I will teach this fall. I'm making it with the new Mirasol yarn, Chirapa. It is 100% hand-dyed merino and it is so nice to work with. Here is a picture:

After I put the picture in here, I realized it is a little hard to see. If you tilt your monitor forward you might be able to see it better. That's what I get for choosing a dark color. Trust me, it's pretty! Ask me to see it the next time you are in.

Have I talked about the bees/wasps yet? We have a TON of them at the house (outside) and have been finding and spraying what seems like a million nests. Everywhere we go, there is another nest: under a piece of siding, in a soffit, on the side of the window casing, in the slat of the shutter. Everywhere.

So, last night, Paul and I decide to have an outside fire for the first time. There was a cinderblock fire pit there when we moved in and while not very pretty, pretty functional. Can you see where this is going? We got the fire going nicely and sat there enjoying it, and the nice night with all the stars. Him with a Mike's. Me with a wine. As the fire got hotter, Paul heard this noise and went to the back of the fire pit to find a gazillion bees/wasps crawling around. There are some gaps in between the cinder blocks and there must have been a nest in there. They were crawling all over the cinder blocks, but not really flying around. We think the smoke was subduing them. Or they were sleepy becuase it was dark. We thought they were just slowly dying so we sat back down and continued to enjoy the fire. Then Paul got stung. We packed it in.

Then I came inside and found one in my hair! My hair is so big that I think it must have gotten lost in there and disoriented. Luckily I got it out without getting stung - picture me with my head upside down, frantically combing my fingers through my hair (which is no easy task because of my curls and it kind of hurt). Despite all that, it was still a nice visit in front of the fire!

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