Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's my Friday

It's Sunday, but it's really my Friday. Two days off. I'll probably go to the store for a little while anyway after I run my Monday (Saturday) errands (bank, grocery shopping etc). I can't help it - I've got the organizing bug again. Today I went in early to vacuum and do a little organizing of the back room(s) and now I've just got to go back and do a little more organizing while the store it closed!

I got home today and immediately went to work on my Olympics project (after having a freeze pop - have I mentioned that I'm addicted to those? Those things that you get unfrozen in plastic tubes. They are just sugar and artificial flavors but I love them! Especially the blue raspberry.). I got nine rows done and now I'm taking a little break. I'll take a picture of my project as far as I get it done tonight, but then I'll likely work on it some more in the next two days before the show and tell. Now that the pressure will be off, I'm a little worried that I'll end up moving on to another project. I've got my Logan River Wrap in the works (which is coming along nicely and I really like), another log cabin blanket started and a cardigan just waiting to be started. Oh and that Forget Me Not sock, which I've almost forgotten about. And I'm dying to make a Constant Companion bag. There is all that Lamb's Pride Bulky coming in on Wednesday after all.

Next up is working on the next newsletter and all the classes for Oct, Nov and Dec! I can't believe that August is almost over. The whole summer went by so fast.

Off to have another freeze pop and knit some more....

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