Thursday, August 7, 2008

project updates

Forget-Me-Not Sock? Forget it! I was about 7 inches in to the 8 inches I have to knit before starting the toe, and I tried it on. Have I ever mentioned that I have wide feet? I hate shoes of all kinds except sneakers, which I wear a lot in case you haven't noticed. Wide feet do not fit so well into a dainty cute little sock with eyelet holes. The eyelet holes stretch so much that you can see clear through to China...

Speaking of the Olympics... here is my Summer Knitting Olympics project:

It is the Hanging Garden Stole, by Sivia Harding. It used to be available on KnitPicks but not anymore. You can see it/purchase it here:
It's a rather ambitious project, but that's what this is for, right? It has beads on the ends, but I'm going to sprinkle them throughout. I'm using the Baby Alpaca Lace in dark gray (grey?).

Back to the sock... I'm not including a picture of the sock on my foot. It just wouldn't be right to torture you with laughter that way. But, I will finish it (and the second one) and give them as a gift to some lucky person.

In other project news, I finally finished my Encore Done By Monday Afghan:

It took 12 balls, instead of the 10 the pattern says it takes. BUT, I realized early on that I was knitting VERY loosely. I just kept knitting until I completed all the pattern repeats, which made it longer than the pattern. I suppose I could have stopped at the finished measurement and probably would have only used 10, but I just kept going to see how many it would take. I like it. It is hard to see the pattern in this picture, but if you have the patternbook, it is #4.

Also finished the Louisa Harding Baby Cardigan for the shop:

So, so, so cute! I have not blocked it yet, but will be doing that sometime this weekend. I really like this yarn - it is so soft.

Since I only had my sock project left to do, and I am taking a small break from it since "the trying on incident", I needed something else to do between yesterday and the Olympics. So, I started this:

It is the Logan River Wrap from Interweave Knits Magazine Winter 2007.
I'm using the Royal Llama Silk in a pretty wine/burgundy/with a little magenta-y color. I had a little trouble getting started and ripped it out after the first 6 rows, but I'm back on track now and I think it's going to be nice...

And finally, since I learned the hard way that the Knit-in is probably not the best place to work on a project with a chart, I started a new Log Cabin Blanket:

Perfect Knit-In project!
Now I have to get all these projects into my Ravelry notebook....

I'll check in soon to give you an Olympics update. Just to clarify, you can cast on DURING the opening ceremonies which start at 7:30pm tomorrow (you don't have to wait until the flame is lit which I think is done at the end of the ceremonies).


Harriet said...

The Hanging Garden Stole is gorgeous. I might have to add that to my queue. Just what I need, another stole/shawl. LOL

Also, the baby sweater is adorable. I love that pink!

Elaine said...

Love the baby sweater! Need to get back into the shop soon - love the wildfoote I picked up!