Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mystery solved and other fun stuff

So much to tell !

1) The mystery publication taking a picture of the building is Business Review. And they did not come Monday, I assume because it was raining. They came Tuesday. LUCKILY, as I was coming to the store to place an order, I saw my landlord and the reporter outside so I was able to clean up the many flower petals that fell because of the rain before they took a picture. Then they decided to come inside the shop and wanted to take MY picture! UNLUCKILY, I was dressed horribly, no makeup and my hair was... well LUCKILY my hair wasn't TOO bad. I had actually paid attention to it that morning --- it's been quite humid and my hair can get pretty big. They asked me some questions about the business and wrote my name down and everything. My landlord was great, giving some plugs about how there are always people in here knitting. I have no idea if I'll make it into their piece (after all this was a story about my landlord and his business developments) but if I do, that would be nice.

2) I'm back on track with my Olympics project. I ripped it out a 3rd time and now it seems to be going along quite well (knock wood), although I've only got 33 rows knit.
3) My sister and three nephews (ages 5 1/2, 7 1/2 and 10) came to visit this weekend. The 5 1/2 year old came into the house, saw the ping pong table, grabbed a paddle, ran up to the 7 1/2 year old and said "Want to play HOCKEY?" I lauged so hard. They are adorable and we had a great time. They even went in the pool for a little while, even though it was sooooo cold outside.
4)Paul and I went to the Altamont Fair last night. We had a lot of fun, seeing the animals, browsing through the various buildings and eating. Did I mention eating? Here is what we got:
fried dough
ribbon chips with cheese and bacon bits
steak sandwich
ice cream
kettle corn (my FAVORITE!)
cider donuts
Yeah. I know. Talk about artery clogging. We did share most of these things so that counts for something.
4a) We went to the goat and sheep barn and saw Yvette there. She counted over 20 items that were knitted/spun by Spinning Room customers and had won ribbons!!! Congratulations to them all. (Yvette is included in that 20 - she won first place for her baby sweater!!!!) It was so neat to see the items displayed. You should go.

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