Thursday, August 28, 2008

I was so prepared...

I took a picture of the prize. I made up the tickets to draw the winner. I reminded myself to take pictures so I could put them on the website. And what happened? I forgot to take pictures, so they won't be on the website! ARGH. Well, here's the picture of the prize:

A Mirasol pattern book(donated by me) and 2 bags (20 skeins!) of yarn (donated by Euro Yarns).

In my defense, it was VERY busy here last night. There were at least 18 people here shopping, knitting, sharing their Olympics, and other, projects and generally having a good time. It was actually pretty loud - lots of laughing and talking. It was great. (Diane and Yvette brought brownies which were soooooo yummy.) So I guess I couldn't really coordinate everything going on AND take pictures. Yarn shop owner lesson learned: Assign the picture taking to someone else.

In other news, Mandy is much better after being on eye ointment and prednisone for two days. Phoebe still won't sit still for a picture.

I'm off to work on the fall schedule of classes (Oct, Nov, Dec)--- which means I have more projects to knit as samples for classes!!! Mitered square scarf, possibly an Afghan block of the month. I see my shawl quietly slinking into the corner....

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