Friday, August 8, 2008

Curb appeal emergency

My landlord stopped in last night during the Toe-up sock class. He asked what happened to the flowers out front.... I explained the ton of rain, my attempts to save the flowers by trimming them and figuring out how to give them plant food without watering them. He then said that this Monday at 1pm there will be a photographer for a very large publication taking a picture of the building and could I please make it look nice. Yeah. OK. That's three days, all of which I'm working at the store. He specifically indicated it would be nice to have some sort of big, red, flowering plants that flow over the boxes. Yeah. OK. But, he is a pretty successful businessman with several properties that look very nice, so I decided to take his advice. Oh, and when I asked what publication it was, he was VERY evasive and said he couldn't tell me but that it was BIG.

So, I was up early this am. Went to Home Depot by 8am. Nothing red. All pink and purple. Then I went to Hewitt's. Not open. Went to Gade's. Nothing red. All pink and purple. Went to Colonial something-or-other (just down the street from Gade's) and found RED! So, tomorrow with my dear husband helping, I will be going back to buy several of their new guinea impatien baskets, cut off the hangers and put them in the planter boxes out front. They look just like the one I have already on the porch that my mom gave me! Hopefully it will improve my curb appeal and make the picture for the very big publication look nice. And maybe I'll get a little publicity for the store???

I'm so excited to start my Knitting Olympics project! It's 3:10pm so there are 4 hours and 20 minutes to go. I was talking to my mom today and she said she was excited to start her project too. She commented that it's probably like what the olympians in China are feeling, but about knitting. Yay knitting!

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