Saturday, August 9, 2008

Curb appeal and Olympics updates


MUCH better. When I went back to the garden center, I realized the plants I saw were not ALL red. Most of the plants were a dark pink and only a couple were red. So, I got dark pink and red. They are not incredibly overflowing (my landlord was motioning with his hands when he was saying it and I think he'd like them to overflow down toward the bench). Oh well. This is the best I could do with short notice.
Here is my Knitting Olympics Project:

And here is what I did not do BEFORE committing to this project (Don't ask me why, I was just enamored with the pattern I guess):
"48 rows in a pattern repeat, done 13 times, plus 7 rows each for the beginning border and ending border equals 638 rows, divided by 17 days means I will have to knit 37.5 rows per day."
PER. DAY. PER DAY! And now that I have only knit 8 rows the first day, I have to knit 39.3 rows per day. PER DAY! Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Liz,
This pattern looks VERY familiar... hehe. Good luck - I will tell you that I had a couple of days where I did entire repeats - so it's doable... hope you have the time, though.