Friday, August 15, 2008

Progress on olympics project: NONE!

I've made NO progress on my Olympics project in the past few days. Wednesday and Thursday are usually VERY long days for me (about 12 hours) and I'm quite exhausted when I get home. Usually I just eat dinner and stare at the TV for a minute (literally) before I fall asleep. It's about this time that Paul says "I'll take the dog out." And I say "Thank you sweetie pie. You're so great" and head up to bed.

Taking the dog out is usually "my job", as is feeding her, brushing her etc. I brought her to the relationship and Paul wasn't really looking for a dog companion in addition to a human companion (or a cat companion but he got that too). She's grown on him in the past 4 years though. And since I took over the store, he's had a little more of the care taking duties. Taking her out when he gets home from work, playing with her and feeding her. So, usually I take her out for the last time at night before putting her, and myself, to bed. He's been great about picking up my slack when I'm just too tired- yay Sweetie Pie!

Back to my project.... NO PROGRESS. No time to knit at the store, no time to knit at home. I'm so far behind that now I have to knit 68.4 rows per day to finish on time. I'm hoping this weekend I'll be able to put a serious hurtin' on it.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be at the Altamont Fair at noon to watch the Spinning Bee and present the prizes (donated by The Spinning Room!), to the winners. The contestants will have a half hour to spin the longest yarn without breaking it. One prize will go to the longest made on a drop spindle and the other to the longest made on a spinning wheel. Paul will be minding the store for me during this time, so if you come in, be nice to him...he's new at it.

On a regular Olympics note... As I've told you , we got a ping pong table recently, so of course we were very interested to see the Table Tennis matches in the Olympics. We taped some of the Olympics that are on during the day (on MSNBC) and watched a little of that last night. I just have to say that I can't believe they actually have professional ping pong. With COACHES. Who can call for a time out. The Croatian coach has actually been ejected from several arenas because he won't stick to the rule that says you cannot coach the player while the match is going on (you have to do it during a time out). For PING PONG! It was so weird to watch something that I've only seen people play in their basements or, in our case, our family-room-turned-game-room. But I'm telling you - they were GOOD! So intense about it and very fast. They were even sweating and taking water breaks. The table looked so tiny in the arena they were playing in and we couldn't figure out why there was so much room around the table. I'll tell you why -- because they need it! They were running about 10 feet from the table to hit the ping pong ball back, and even from this far away would actually land the ball on the other side of the table. It was pretty amazing. They even had this wacky way of serving which I think was a way of trying to fake out the other person as to which way the ball was going to go. It's just hard to believe they've spent YEARS playing and perfecting their skill. For PING PONG!

Right now there is about 4 feet of clearance all the way around our ping pong table. Who knew we were going to need a much bigger space for when we get really good?

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