Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Enough complaining...

I've recovered from my last post -- on to the knitting progress I've made:

I finished the next afghan sqare (Barbara Selesnick's square):

Whew! I'm done with knitting the samples for classes and the shop! (Ha! For now, that is...) Now, I'm working on my top down sweater,

my Logan River Wrap, and starting a cowl with Noro Silk Garden, which should be coming in November.

Lately I've had several people come in to the store who have never been here - some have seen my ad in the Our Towne magazine and some have come because they've heard about the store from others. So, thanks to those of you who have recommended the store -- It's nice to know my ads are working, but also that people like the store enough to tell someone else about it!

I'm off to put the October classes on the chalk board in the window... also to post them on the wall in the store, per a customer suggestion!

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