Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The day after Rhinebeck...

.... was my birthday and also the day, two years ago, that Paul and I got engaged. So we decided to go to Vermont to see our old house and the place we got engaged. Unfortunately, the restaurant where we got engaged is closed on Mondays, but it was in the town we lived in so we parked across the street and looked at it for a few minutes. It's called The Perfect Pear, and is very yummy. It is in an old mill and the tables have a nice view of the river. It was the best place to get engaged because Paul and I are the "perfect pair". Ha ha!
The first thing we realized as we made the 3 1/2 hour trip there, was that they have re-paved all the roads that get us there. Sure, when we leave and we aren't driving on those horrible, bumpy roads anymore.
It was very strange to be back - the first time since we moved 1 1/2 years ago. We drove by the old house, which looks the same except for a lot of new bushes and plants in the yard that make it look messy. We drove around the neighborhood to see what has changed - not much, including the views:
Bradford is WAY up there in VT and is quite small. The town just before it, Fairlee, has a motel and drive-in movie theater. If you rent a room at the motel, you open your curtains and can watch the movie! Or you can just drive there and watch from your car. They usually have pretty current movies too. Then you can go to the Whippi Dip down the street, a yummy soft serve place.
After driving around the neighborhood, we went to the Bradford Yarn shop, which is now located in the back of North of the Falls (the gift shop I used to sell my felted purses and hand made cards in). They have a small selection but it was very quaint. I, of course, found something to buy - some Opal sock yarn. (I forgot to download the picture of the yarn...)

Then we went to lunch at a place called Molly's in Hanvoer, NH (home of Dartmouth College and a VERY quaint New Hampshire-y town) as we made our way to Woodstock. BBQ Chicken pizza was our favorite thing to order there, so we got that. Yum.
On a whim, we decided to see if one of our favorite soft serve places, Ice Cream Fore You, was open. It's at the driving range (get it?) in the Home Depot parking lot.
It just so happened that it was the LAST DAY they were open for the season, and EVERYTHING WAS FREE! Here is Paul's free ice cream:
(He thought I was so silly for taking a picture of this)
In Woodstock we stopped at a place I always wanted to stop when we lived there, but never did, called Fool on the Hill. This is what you see from the road:

Plus sheep and bears. I bought a sheep:
They are weather-proof and now I have to figure out how to attach it to my porch railing.
Here are the bears:
Here is what we saw once we were on the hill:
I've said it before.... this is what I miss about Vermont. So pretty.
Our last stop was at The Whippletree yarn shop in Woodstock. Woodstock is a VERY quaint Vermont-y town. The Whippletree was very nice, lots of yarn. I got some Malabrigo silk/wool. Very soft and nice. Of course, forgot to download the picture of this yarn too. Tomorrow's post.
That ended our Vermont trip. It was a very nice way to spend the day!

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Happy Birthday! I am glad you enjoyed your trip.