Thursday, October 2, 2008

Posting Comments and Knit-in noise

I had a request to tell people how to make a comment on the blog, so here it is:

First of all, I realized that I had a setting on my blog that only blogspot users could leave a comment. Main problem solved. I re-set the setting to allow anyone to make a comment. So, all you have to do is click on the comments link at the end of the post. This will take you to another page and you will type your comment on the right hand side of the page. Then, you "Choose an Identity". Your choices will be "google/blogger" if you have a Google account or a blog; OpenID, which I'm not sure what that is but it's one of those things that you know if you have it and can use it; "name/url" if you'd like to leave your name (it will bring up a box to type your name as well as a web page if you have one - but you don't have to type a web page); or "anonymous" (self-explanatory I hope). Then click on "publish your comment". There may be a word verification box that comes up, which is supposed to help reduce spam comments. That's it. Comment away!

For those of you who were at the knit-in last night, I apologize for the obnoxiously loud noises coming from my fire alarm box. My landlord came and "fixed it" the first time, but then it started going off again at the end of the knit in. I promise it was not just to get you cleared out of here! Well, I called my landlord again and his cell phone was turned off so I ended up calling the police who ended up "finding his home number" and calling him at home. The police told me he'd be here in 5 minutes, which turned into about 25 minutes (all with the really loud noise!) because he got another call as he was leaving his house. I just sat here and knitted and tried to ignore the noise. So, the problem seems to be fixed now. There was no fire or anything, just something weird going on with the system which may have been caused by the power outage the night before. Fingers crossed.

A list of upcoming classes is now posted in the store near the register! Now you don't have to go outside and look at the chalk board.

That wall is still looking a little boring. Stay tuned for more color.


Robin said...

Good Girl!
The noise wasn't so bad - although better you than me to hang around with it!
Great idea to put the classes on the wall. Maybe you could put them on individual pieces of paper and then if there are changes you don't have to change the whole long thing that took the afternoon to do.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we missed a fun night! Glad everything seams to be fixed for you. And thanks for making it easier to post. Now I don't have to sign up for another account that I will forget the password to!!! Hope to see you soon.

P.S. Loved the pic of the flag, it looks so pretty and I just loved how excited you were about it!


Lisa said...

WOW-Can it be? Can I post!!!!
Great Knit-Night-always great to see everybody and what everybody is doing.
Love your wall class list-good idea!

Jan Davis said...

The noise wasn't that "screeching" noise, and no one minded. We talk louder than that!!!! A great Knit-In night!!