Monday, October 27, 2008


Saturday was Hot Cider and Donut Day at the store. Paul picked up the donuts for me since I had to open early for the Poncho Class. When he brought them, they were still warm. Mmmm. It was hard not to eat five right then and there. The cider was very yummy too. It was a cold rainy yucky day so, perfect for these treats! There were a bunch of donuts leftover so I put them out on Sunday. And there were STILL some left over, so Paul and I will "have" to eat them. What a chore.

Sunday's weather was the complete opposite... bright, sunny and warm. I even had the door open at the store. It was a busy day with the Drop Spindle Spinning class and the Constant Companion Felted Bag classes going on. After closing, I went home and Paul and I gave Mandy a bath. I really wish I had a picture of her -- she looked so miserable when she was soaking wet; but she looked so cute after she was nice and fluffy and clean! On the other hand, I was soaked and covered in fur.

Then we did yard work - ooh, another picture for my to-do list... we dug up those dahlia bulbs to save over the winter and they were HUGE. And there were a million of them. Wait till you see. It was a great day to be outside so I was happy that I got home at 2:30.

I don't have any pictures to post today. Since my camera battery will only last for two pictures these days, I bit the bullet and bought a new battery today. So, hopefully more pictures soon.
I've been working on my Logan River Wrap and it is coming along nicely. I'm also working on another cowl, with Sheep Shop yarn. This is not a yarn that I have now, but after working with it, I will be looking to get it. I'm working with the chunky version and it's very soft wool and has beautiful variegated colors. I'm hoping to finish it tonight and post a picture tomorrow. I'm also looking to start a crochet project.... a cute hoodie (with a zipper - yikes) made with sock yarn.

Great suggestions on how to spruce up the sheep on the front porch!... A scarf for the sheep and/or attach it to a sleigh for the winter/holiday season.

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