Saturday, October 18, 2008

Festival excitement

Two nice women came into the shop late yesterday afternoon. They were making their way to the Sheep & Wool Festival. One was from Mystic, Ct and the other was from Buffalo. They decided to find yarn shops on the way and they found their way here! Very nice.

I unexpectedly got several more colors of the Noro Silk Garden in yesterday! The yarn rep had told me that when you order Noro, you should order about 10 colors, but expect 6 because it is so popular and is often out of stock. I didn't realize the backordered colors would come so soon - but that's good because some of the new colors are beautiful! And I got some more Mini Knits books, and another Noro pattern book with some really nice patterns.

On the home front, it got down to 25 degrees last night. Brr. The house only got down to 58. We are seeing how long we can go without turning on the heat. I suspect it won't be much longer. Last night, Paul and I were eating Halloween m&m's (black, orange, purple and green) and Paul made the comparison of how we each eat m&m's to other aspects of our life. For example, he eats each color in succession and I eat whatever color I pick up. Translation (his, not mine): he's neat, I'm messy. ???????

After closing today, I'm going to check out the Sheep & Wool Festival website to get an idea of what we want to do tomorrow. Very exciting!


patw813 said...

So, Liz, what did you think of Rhinebeck? did the vendors have ANYTHING left on Sunday? I saw several late Saturday afternoon who had just been absolutely cleaned out! Did you get to try Terrapin restaurant?

Robin said...

YOU? Messy? Yikes! Where does that put the rest of us?